PANASONIC 12v 15Ah SLA battery for Deep Cycle applications

  • Specifications:
  • Volts: 12
  • Amps: 15
  • Size: 151(L) x 98(W) x100(H)mm
  • Terminal: F2 tags 6.3mm
  • SLA Chemistry
  • Data Sheet
  • Applications:  Deep Cycle
  • Guarantee: 12 Months

$89 including GST




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The Panasonic LC-CA1215P1 is a world leading ultra high capacity battery suitable for continuous cyclic usage such as golf buggies & mobility aids/motorised scooters

  • Stable Quality & High Reliability
  • Sealed Construction
  • Maintenance-Free Operation
  • Low Pressure Venting System
  • Heavy Duty Grids
  • Low Self Discharge
Typical cyclic applications
  • Mobility Scooters
  • Communications
  • Golf trolley
  • Lawn mowers
  • Photovoltaic
  • Wheel chairs


Why Panasonic?

Not all Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries are the same. Battery life, quality & performance can vary widely between brands due to: design, component selection, quality of materials, production methods, quality control, environmental operation conditions & cycling profile.

When you select Panasonic VRLA batteries, you can be assured that only the best quality materials, components and manufacturing techniques have been used. Panasonic will not sacrifice quality for cost.

Maintenance-Free Operation
During the expected float service life, there is no need to check the specific gravity of the electrolyte, or add water. In fact, there is no provision for these maintenance functions.

Stable Quality & High Reliability
These batteries are well-known for stable and reliable performance.  The battery can withstand overcharge, over discharge, vibration and shocks.  It is also capable of extended storage.

Sealed Construction
The construction and sealing technique guarantees that no electrolyte leakage can occur from the terminals or case.  These batteries are classified as "Non-Spillable" and will meet all requirements of the International Air Transport Association.